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Once upon a time: A fairytale ball
31st of August

✨ Drumroll, please! ✨ The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived… Our enchanting event on August 31st will transport you to a realm where stories come to life! Get ready to step into the pages of ”Once upon a time: a Fairytale Ball” and join us for a magical event filled with dazzling performances! 🌟 


This theme isn’t just a nod to the fairytales of old; it’s a symbol of a new chapter unfolding in the story of our beloved Tip the Velvet! With a fresh board at the helm, we’re thrilled to invite you to be part of this magical journey! 💫 Let’s turn this new page together and fill the next ones with wonder, creativity, and endless possibilities! 📖


Tickets will be released in June!

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